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Monitor the impact
of your company's social
responsibility initiatives

Sellect indicators that you would like to monitor in your social project. Follow them regularly by acessing a dynamic dashboards of short and long term indicators.

Customize and receive
complete reports
in a few clicks

Forget about the stress of wraping up annual reports and gathering all the data at once. Now, all your metrics will be available as dynamic reports and presentations.

Have an overview
of a structured project
step by step

Investing in projects and not seeing the return on your investments can be frustrating, but with the right tool this can be avoided. PeaceLabs lets you monitor your teams, goals and results with agility.

Inovate more

Monitor project status

Know in which stage your project is and keep track of what milestones have been completed

Bring transparency
to project indicators

The impact metrics of each project are backed by digital documents shared by the team

"Peacelabs is a great opportunity to make social projects differently. Their innovative methodology allowed us to monitor indicators dynamically. It's easy to understand for other people involved, engaging different project stakeholders, especially the youth."

Dirceu Puelher, Instituto Robert Bosch

Want to digitize your social projects?

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